How to make WhatsApp dark mode?

How to make WhatsApp dark mode?

The answer to the question that has been curious about WhatsApp for a long time has emerged. While the new Beta version is working, it is very easy to activate the dark mode that you can use on phones with the Android operating system.

In our video, we explained what you need to do to install the beta version on the phone. All you have to do is to download the APK file of the WhatsApp Beta version via the link in the video description section. After downloading the APK version through the link we provided, you need to install it on your phone. During the installation, you can complete the installation by approving the permissions requested by your phone. If there is a point you missed on these stages, you can look at the stages in our video.

After installing WhatsApp Beta on your phone, you need to log in to WhatsApp with your number. After logging in, you need to enter Settings from the options at the top of the Chat screen. After entering the settings, you should choose that you will choose Chats from the options available here. Here you will see Theme options under the Visibility header. After clicking on select a theme, here you will see 3 different settings where you can turn dark mode on and off.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Android

You can select On and Off options set by Battery Saver mode from the options between these settings.

With the options here, you can activate the dark mode from the open part, turn off the dark mode from the closed part and restore WhatsApp. Dark mode will be active if you put your phone in Battery Saver mode with the option set by Battery Saver Mode. The reason for this is that in dark mode, AMOLED displays do not consume power as they can cover black pixels. As such, users will not consume energy as the majority of the pixels on their screen are off when using dark mode. This will increase the usage time of the users.

Note: Using WhatsApp Beta with APK outside the Play Store can cause some problems in the app because you are not an official Beta user. zomodi.com is not responsible for any errors that may arise after installation.


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