Legends of Runeterra will be released in open beta

Legends of Runeterra is released in open beta today. The game, made by Riot Games, the production and distribution company of League of Legends, was expected with great excitement.

As you may recall, 5 games were announced at the 10th year events of League of Legends. While the games called Wild Rift, Project A, LoL Esport Manager, Project L are still under development, Legends of Runeterra, which has a short preview period, is being released as an open beta.

Legends of Runeterra comes in open beta

The game, which is opened to the pre-registered users on January 23 at 22:00, will be open to everyone at 22:00 this evening. Let us remind you that the game that received positive comments from many users during the preview period was the first card game of Riot Games.

The basics of the game’s story are based on the universe of League of Legends. In the game, we will see new characters along with the heroes LoL fans love.

Users’ accounts were reset during the preview period. According to the information given by Riot Games, users’ data will not be deleted in the open beta period.

There have been many changes to the game after the preview period. In addition to the graded mode, the game was introduced to challenge friends. However, matches can only be made between players on the same servers.

Along with the open beta period, there are three new guards and six new game boards. The game is not currently available for mobile. With the official release, it was stated that the game will come to mobile platforms.

Legends of Runeterra system requirements

The game, unfortunately, does not support the Mac OS platform. The system requirements for Windows are as follows:

  • 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
    3 GHz processor
    4 GB RAM
    GPU with 512 MB or more of graphics memory (VRAM)

If you have not registered with Legends of Runeterra, you can register here. You need a Riot account to register. The Lunar Puzzled Poro Guard will be gifted to anyone registered in the open beta period. However, you will be able to access this gift through the official release of the game.


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