Top 15 Most Popular Video Chat Applications (Legal)

We’ve compiled the best video chat apps you can use on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. You can try these apps to talk to your loved ones or make new friends.

We use video chat apps to communicate with your friends or people from all over the world. Some of us communicate with people they do not know anonymously, and some of us communicate with their immediate surroundings through these applications. Applications are constantly changing and updating. That’s why we’ve reviewed the most popular video chat apps for you recently.

There are two different categories in our list to meet your acquaintances and to meet with strangers. We will take a look at all of them, and we will also include market links to download the ones you like. Let us transfer the most popular video chat applications without extending the word.

  • Facebook Messenger,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Discord,
  • Google Duo,
  • Skype,
  • Hangouts,
  • FaceTime,
  • Azar,
  • WeChat,
  • Snapchat, 
  • JusTalk, 
  • ICQ, 
  • Line, 
  • Viber, 
  • Tango.


Applications suitable for meeting with your acquaintances:

Facebook Messenger:

We know that Facebook has started to annoy and lose its old beauty. As a matter of fact, if you still have a Facebook account and want to make a video call, you can try Messenger. A significant number of Facebook users do not leave Facebook due to extra applications such as Messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger for Android

For iOS



Facebook’s messaging-oriented app, WhatsApp, is one of the most stable apps you can use to talk to your environment. The reason for being included in the list is that it is not only widely used, but also enables collective negotiations in groups, while maintaining the quality of the image and sound. Facebook is developing the WhatsApp app to run on the slowest phones and even the weakest connections.



Discord is a very popular application especially for computer players. You can message, voice chat and make video calls with other users in Discord. With its free servers and highly customizable settings, we can say that it is the rising star of the last period. In Discord PC version, you can also share screens.

Download Android

Download iOS


Skype, one of the oldest video chat applications, is still used today. There are different uses such as job interviews, video chats with friends or family. It does a really good job in terms of image and sound quality. In addition, it is completely free. You can also set up video chat rooms with multiple people.



General use of Hangouts is an application for the business world. However, it is still among the mobile video calling applications that you can meet with your acquaintances. You can create group chats with up to 150 people in the application or make video calls with the people you are connected to. Hangouts is currently a popular app with over 1 billion downloads.


Google Duo:

One of Google’s services, Google Duo, is a mobile application designed for direct video calling. The application works without any problems on the website. So while you are on the phone, you can easily video chat even if you are on the opposite computer. Apart from that, you can send video messages to your acquaintances with Google Duo.


FaceTime (for Apple):

Facetime, which is used by iPhone (iOS) user and is very popular, is among the top quality video calling applications. The person you want to make a voice call or video call needs to be registered with your phone number or email address in your directory. From now on, you can make video calls over WiFi or cellular network.


Video chat applications to meet with strangers:


We had seen the ads of the Azar application on every social media platform for a while. The application, which allows you to meet different people from more than 190 countries, is used to make new friends or develop languages. Compared to other applications, pattern chat is more interactive and faster with Azar. You are waiting to pair with someone after opening the application.



WeChat stands out from other video chat apps in style. It works more like a social media platform than a chat application. You can make video chat in the application; You can read news and play games with your friends. The application, which can also be used to socialize, brings together people from different countries.



It is simple, reliable and fun to use. An application that you can use to make high quality video calls, to meet with friends or other people. You can also use many stickers or take snapshots while video calling. The other party does not need to download JusTalk to use the application. You can start talking instantly with an extra connection.



With more than 400 million users worldwide, Tango is one of the new generation’s most popular video chat apps. With live broadcasts, you can meet new people and even become a publisher making money from these live broadcasts. Tango is a multi-purpose application and it is one of the popular applications that should be on the list because it is free.


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